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FS: Creation Audio Labs MW1 Studio Tool. Great condition with some scratches on the top and bottom from going in and out of a rack. Works and sounds great. I don't have the original box or paperwork - manual is available online. Includes power cable. $500 shipped and paypalled.

The most amazing DI, signal splitter, re-amper, etc. Do everything guitar recording tool. Allowed me to record a DI signal for possible re-amping later, plus sent a signal to my amp and record a mic'd up signal as well.

Info from the website as I cannot explain everything it will do.

The MW1 Studio Tools is an instrument-level preamp to line-level balanced DI with reverse DI interface. The MW1 is the purest DI signal splitter you can insert into any signal chain without affecting the sound. Combined with a great sounding reverse DI for re-recording and composite layering.

Why use a standard passive DI box which knocks your signal down to mic level, only to gain it back up (and the noise floor) with a mic pre? To avoid noise and streamline the path, simply use the MW1 to boost your signal direct to line level!

Use the variable input and output impedance controls to match the original sound of the track or find new and better sounds. Use your favorite studio compressors, EQs, etc. as effects in your pedal chain or use stomp boxes as an effects loop in your mixer.


  • Instrument to line-level transparent, transformerless DI for clean tracking.
  • Line to instrument-level reverse DI for reamp-recording or composite layering.
  • Variable input and output impedance help match your original signal.
  • Amplifier send with up to 30dB of transparent clean preamp boost.
  • Tuner out with mute function for silent tuning or changing instruments.
  • Polarity-reverse and ground-lift switches for common interfacing needs.
  • Universal international power 85 to 260 VAC, 50 or 60Hz

  • Make clean safety tracks of every take for more options when mixing.
  • Reverse DI to reamp any take through various amps, profilers or FX pedals.
  • Insert line level studio gear into your effects loop pedal chain.
  • Insert effects loop pedal chains into you studio signal chain.
  • Use exaggerated impedance settings to find new sounds.
  • Double-track reamplification
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