Cropped Out Festival in Louisville, KY

There are a lot of interesting acts playing this. I wish I could be in town on Sunday to see Josef Van Wissem(theorbo player), but my band is there on Friday.




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man i need to broaden my music knowledge! i live here and havent heard of any of these guys. you probably have heard of forecastle festival too...i recognize some of those acts though!


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I haven't heard of this either. Judging by that flyer I don't think they have put too much money into it. Either way, seems cool. I have a feeling it's for hiphop/electronic music lovers. I'm not familiar with any of those bands except She Might Bite.
I have a feeling it's for hiphop/electronic music lovers.

There is a little of that, but a bunch of other stuff, too.

Eugene Chadbourne's music runs from free improvisation to country and bluegrass. He used to be in a rock band with the bass player from Bongwater.

R.Steven Moore is more or less a singer songwriter. He was one of the pioneers of home recording back in the 70's. I remember reading about him in Musician magazine in the 80's

Jandek plays what is more or less folk music.

Josef Van Wissem(sunday, not listed on flier) plays a theorbo(Lute with extra bass strings).

Microwaves(my band) plays mostly dissonant rock music.

I haven't heard Chain And The Gang, but they are purportedly quasi-doo-wop.

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