Crossed Solos


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Do you ever sing/hear a solo in your head then near the end realize that at some point you switched to a different solo? I don't normally stop and notice this but today I had a really funny jump between these solos.

ETA new instructions set the bottom video to the 3:40 mark then start the first video from the beginning or 2:54, be sure the first video keeps focus and as the solo is playing position your mouse over the play button of the second video. When the first reaches the 3:20 mark hit SpaceBar on your keyboard (pausing the first video) and immediatly click play on the second. The rythym isn't perfect but hopefully you can see some semblence of a link.

Start at 2:54 here:

Then exactly at 3:20 jump to 3:40 here:

I'll be ther first to admit they don't actually match up but my brain is a powerful modulator.


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In college, some friends & I would busk outside the dorms for beer money.
They used to give me a hard time because every time we played Frampton's "Baby I Love Your Way," I would play more-or-less the lead to his "Show Me The Way." It just happened the first time, and after that I just did it because it seemed to annoy them. :)


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There are times when I am on stage playing one song and do the solo to another just for the hell of it. Can't think of anything right off, but I use to do it a lot , especially after doing a lot of gigs in a row, just to do something different.


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I was just thinking about this "crossed solo" thing today!

I was thinking about the Ozzy song "Believer" and was playing the solo through my head. Toward the end when Randy was doing a hammer-on major scale...I suddenly changed the scale into the hammer-on segment of one solo from "Mr Crowley".

Kind of makes sense when I think about it, as there is the same major scale hammer-on sequence in both solos...actually I think it's the EXACT same scale played in the same position.


When we do "Purple Rain", in the solo section at the end I'll often throw in some of Journey's "Faithfully" solo.
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