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Crybaby Question


Hi there, hope you guys can help me out, my Crybaby wah, just doesn't seem to have the sweep that it use to...i think, i've had it so long i can't remember, but anyways what can i do about it?? The sweep seems really short now.

Any ideas?

Ohh, its just a standard crybaby, not a 535 model or anything. By the way whats the difference between those models anyways?

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Senior Member
Could be that the retaining clip has worked loose and the gears are no longer meshing - have you opened it up?


Hey people,

I bought a Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby used from a guy for $10.00. I got it to function properly after fixing it's wiring harness. The sound of the stock setup was a muddy low end and a high shrill top end typical of a stock Crybaby. I decided to upgrade this wah pedal as a project.

I contacted Area 51 Audio Designs and Fulltone, ordered the parts, installed a Fulltone ICAR tone pot, a Carling 316pp DPDT switch, an Area 51 wah circuit board and a stereo & mono Switchcraft audio jacks. Area 51 has a Vintage Italian wah kit that has all of the parts already. You can wire it up yourself or you can order it pre-wired for a little extra.


Installing a new DPDT switch, Fulltone tone pot and the Area 51 circuit board made this cheap wah now a very useful, great sounding, vintage Vox wah clone. I'm happy with the cool sounds of the circuit board.

The Area 51 circuit board has good carbon comp resistors, a custom inductor (the key to the sound of a good wah pedal) and other high quality components. The wah has a good vintage wah sound, is quiet and doesn't suck tone when it's bypassed.
Here is a picture of my customized Crybaby wah with the Area 51 circuit board, Fulltone tone pot, Carling 316pp DPDT switch and Switchcraft jacks:

Guitar George


Mingo, sorry if I'm interrupting your post but I have a question about my Crybaby Classic (Fasel)...

The problem is the pot is scratchy and I only used it for couple of months.

How do I fix this...?

Can I clean it somehow?

I wouldn't wanna buy Fulltone pot - yet.


Sandman, If you bought it new contact Dunlop and have them send a replacement pot. I'm not sure if their service is very good but that's too new for the pot to be wearing out, so they should replace it. BTW those pots are sealed and can't be cleaned. Sometimes spraying old wah pots with pot cleaner/lube will help for a very short time, but in the long run you're going to need to replace it.


Thanks Hamar, that picture looks NICE!
Also it is great that you posted all the different sources for the parts.

This might just be my next project too!

Appreciate the helpful folk here mucho!


Dunlop service is iffy. What I did to fix a Super Comp (MXR=Dunlop) is just kept firing off Emails every couple days until they finally answered. When they did I got some smart aleck who was no help at all. Then a couple days after that I got another Email from a guy who was VERY helpful and curtious. So keep at it and eventually they will help you. Shouldnt have to do that but :rolleyes:


thanks for yr input,

Yesterday I took my wah to the store where I bought it.

Fortunately they are official Dunlop dealers here(ex-Yugoslavia)

and have all the parts.The guy said they'll put Hot Potz II

which is supposed to be better than stock one.

Is it? Will that affect the sound or the sweep range(which was much wider than on regular Crybabys I tried)?

I'm not much of a wah person anyway.I'll be happy just to see it work.


I lef the store with BAD MONKEY :dude


welcome to the fold, my son. In return for your excellent tone, you only have to give up your soul and a happy marriage.



Silver Supporting Member
If you want to kick the pedal up a notch, I had a vox wha that I ordered a new fulltone pot, a Carling 316pp DPDT switch, and the fulltone inductor. All three are easy to install if you have some basic soldering skills. It really made a nice improvement in the tone and durability of the pedal. I've been using the pedal for a number of years now and the pot is still rocking with no noise.

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