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This weekend got to playing with a few new leather tooling techniques... on some scraps with mixed success.
One good thing that resulted was a start on "Machismo" which I was able to finish this afternoon.

Almost finished. Still needs two more coats of resolene to lock all the dye down.

I was trying some new dye techniques also with pro-oil dyes... this resulted in a mostly black looking-strap from a dozen feet away, but which has deep red/brown undertones up close in person under good light.
A repetitive geometric pattern carved into the body, with a bunch of nickel rivets dressing it up and down.

Any dark tobacco burst, oxblood or wine red guitar would all benefit having this strap suspend it.
3" wide, padded on the shoulder, min 43"-56" long. Many more pics on f-borg.

Definitely getting some Conan vibes from this one! I like it!

Conan! What is best in life?

A Well-Hung strap.......and to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

Very good!


Mad Strappier
What's way more comfy, more practical and much more fun than a French tickler?

Why, a Well-Hung "Texas Tickler" silly!

Beautiful diamond weave pattern fabric, combined with heavy black leather, rolled edges, 3" wide ultra padded. Got a little Cowpoke feature up front in a shiny nickel Star concho, black grainy leather, with a leather thong hangin' down. Once you figure out how to wiggle it, you'll find it's gonna attract some attention.

Black, tans, rust and brown theme, goes with most any guitar, and you'll want to put it on all of them.

Blackguard BSB tele? Hell yeah, acoustic campfire jammer? Dang tootin'. Super light strap, strong and long!

Ok, and speaking of fancies tickled, got this photo back yesterday... "Valaxy" from the Well-Hung Star Power series, on the Starry Night EB. If only still photos could show the glitter. This via a custom order.

"Strap received and it is totally spot on - lively with sparkles framed by the leather and super comfy. The purple-y stitches def added a cool dimension in the appearance too, and the backing is so soft!" - Val in Cali
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Mad Strappier
Had a little break from the shop with a summer road trip to visit the in-laws, even found a little time to hit up some shops for cool new materials, so watch for some interesting stuff coming up soon!

Today is kind of a big deal for Well-Hung, for the first time in history, I have reached 100 listings. Not all of them are for straps but probably 95 or so are. That's a LOT of unique handmade comfort guitar straps easily browsable, and I hope you take some time to go see (link in my sig)!

New in the Reverb store today are the some Guitarra Bandeleros at reduced price. This because the body is not made of leather but rather an upholstery fabric that was designed to look, feel and act like leather. And it's not vinyl/or PU either, it's a great fabric that looks like leather, but is a soft to the touch fabric. It's a beige colour, but has dark brown leather grain in it, and looks like it's been worn/faded and highly distressed. And, as a bonus it's made to be stain resistant, very strong and long-wearing. What it is is a friggen miracle!

A series of four, El Cocodrilo, El Flores, El Coyote and El Lagarto - each features genuine leather belts along the body, as well as hand dyed, hand burnished quality vegtan leather on the front and back ends.

Also today, cocked and loaded is Shock & Awe #80

And something new and super cool for all you paisley freaks: The Bohemian

Also a few nice feedback/reviews came in...

" The strapmaster extraordinaire has done it again! What a beauty! Don’t even think about buying some off the rack, boring, dime a dozen piece of crap strap! Once you’re Well-Hung you’ll never go back. I never will! Thanks Brad, you’re the man!" - Jason, in PEI

" Could not be more stoked about this strap! It's extremely high quality, and even better than I expected. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much!" - Landon in Oregon

" Absolutely gorgeous strap. All that was promised and more. I definitely feel well hung with that BDE (big dangly energy) now that I've got this strap. Thanks Brad!" - William in Redwood City, CA

" So far 3 for 3 with Well-Hung straps. this is my 3rd and it is just as comfortable as my first two, and just another great looking, well-made, sturdy strap... Brad knows swag as well as he knows straps. Very happy customer right here and can't possibly stress how much I love, appreciate and recommend these fantastic straps." -Colin in Welland, ON

My bros, ditch those starter-pack shoulder pounders and serious-up your kit.


Mad Strappier
Mike likes guitars, so we like Mike.

note the video length. Planned? Who's to know?

Also, watch coming to the store soon... new "1969" series straps, yet-to-be-named.... featuring vintagey hootenanny weave, on padded base for xtra comfort and cool. Some folks have been asking for straps a bit less that 3" so these spec out to about 2-5/8" wide, but still padded, with heavy leather ends.

Happy friday my bros


Mad Strappier
Seeking a quality handmade guitar strap for your dred that can match your sunny personality? You know, that upbeat cheerful mood you normally keep supressed deep inside, that's just aching to get out?

Coming soon a limited run of "Sunflower" made of robust tapestry weave material in warm sunny tones. Heavy black leather ends, amply padded and made good and long, so you don't have to be a grump about shorty straps no more.

Next to appear in the Well-Hung "Carpetbagger" series.

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