Curious about what a Flux Liquid Ambience and Strymon DIG sound like together?



Signal chain: Fender Telecaster > Rockett Blue Note OD > Strymon DIG > Strymon BlueSky > Strymon DECO (some saturation and wee bit of chorus) > Flux Effects Liquid Ambience (really makes the sound float at about the mid-point of settings). Recorded with a Mojotone Fender 5F1 Clone amp into a Zoom H4n and mixed in Apple's Garageband only changing channel settings to simulate stereo imaging.

I initially "sketched" this as the sun was setting on mid-summer's night (June 21st sample at soundcloud), then I reworked it last night. There are three tracks: 1) Guitar melody 2) Right: Harmonic swells 3) Left: Harmonic swells with the DECO added, but lower volume.

I want to thank @justnick for partially inspiring this latest adventure...having had a guitar for almost 40 years and never really doing anything with it (being more of a listener), about a year ago I set my mind to finally doing something...slow shaky hands and all--so, thanks Nick. Any comments or criticisms are welcome--thanks for listening. A bunch of other samples are at my "sounds" page on my website, listed in my signature.
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