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Current Favorite Guitar (Pic Thread)


And now for something completely different!
My latest and greatest a Epiphone JB Firebird I! From the moment that I first saw that Epiphone was going to be releasing these I knew that I wanted one. It's the first time that I'd ever seen a Firebird I and I've always dug the regular reverse Firebird's and thought that they were pretty cool looking guitars, but a Firebird with a single pup and wraparound tailpiece took it to a whole other level! Completely stock and I love simplicity and versatility of it, neck dive and all!

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PS I was a little leery of the cost of it considering that it's a import, but it was well worth the price of admission!

PPS I've got to give honorable mention to my recent Epi 58 Flying V! Great guitar out of the box and all stock!

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These 3 right now...

SX Hawk Hardtail, regular tuning. Everything still stock.

Squier Standard Strat (aka the Catpeecaster), open D slide. Ibanez ACH humbuckers.

Epiphone SG Special, open G slide. The GFS humbucker sized single coil gold foils I swapped in it aren't in this picture. That made a huge, positive, difference in the sound.



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This is the first complete prototype of my company's SB1-R model guitar. lt went with the original 3D CAD files to the CNC guys who used it for reference in their final programming. It doesn't have the newest of our features, and has the old original headstock and all, but I've bonded with it and it's become my go-to guitar.

Tim Plains

A 2008 R8 is my all time favorite guitar but I've been suffering from a really bad case of SG GAS recently and keep grabbing one of these to fight it off, mainly one of the two Standards.

I'm mainly GASing for another VOS or a 2017 Standard, especially that new cherry burst Standard. I know it's completely redundant, and a waste of money, but I can't help it.



This is one I started to build two years ago...finally got around to finishing it a few weeks ago. It sports a Cyprus body, FAT one-piece maple neck (1-3/4" at the nut), and Rose pickups. The body is very light... neck actually weighs more than the body I think. I have six strats, and this one has become my new favorite.


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