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Current Gibson Quality Control


Hi Everyone, I just wanted to ask those that have recently bought (bought blind preferably) a new Gibson and if so what the quality control was like?

I'll start by saying that I'm sure the issues of the past are overblown to what it would appear and I really don't want this to turn in to a reason to bash Gibson, but I'm currently considering buying a Satin Natural ES-335, which due to availability in the UK would have to be a blind purchase. I know this is never ideal, and if I could I'd be trying it out in person, but I've had pretty good luck with the last 2 fenders I've bought online, and I've always wanted a 335.

As a side note, could anyone who's played an Eastman T386/486 chime in with how they compare to the 335? I was considering both models as an alternative to the Gibson, but I have to admit there's a part of me that wants to see Gibson on the headstock as sad as that may be!

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