Curtis Novak turn around time


I just got my Don Mare Super Sports for my Strat and they are incredible but it took about 5 1/2 weeks. No big deal as I had other Strat pickups to hold me and they were well worth the wait. I'm just finishing up a Tele build and have no Tele pickups laying around so I'm wanting a quicker turn around. Novak's web site says 3 days but I saw some posts over at the Tele forum (I'm not a member yet) saying it takes a while. Anyone have any recent experience with Novak to give me an idea of the wait time so I can decide if I should pick up some cheapies to hold me? I emailed Curtis but haven't heard back yet.
I seem to recall 2 weeks as well... either way, you'll be so stunned by the quality when you get them that you won't care how long it took! :)

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