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Cusack Tap-a-Whirl 1, 2, 3


Does anyone know the key differences between the different versions of the Cusack Tap-a-Whirl? I'm looking to buy a tremolo pedal and I really want one with tap tempo since I use a lot of delay. The latest version, I know, has 24 different wave forms. I think that could be really cool to mess with but I'm looking for maybe 3 or 4 different basic wave forms at the most. Does anyone think it is worth hunting down the first version of this pedal if I'm mainly concerned with tap tempo for simple wave forms?

Anyway, just curious... Also, are there any other suggestions for tremolo pedals with tap tempo?


Member of no importance
there is a manual for both the v2 and v3 on the cusack website.

but for me, the v3 is awesome! and i dont use a lot of wave forms much, but the fact that it stays in time so well when tapping the tempo, sold me.
V1 had 8 waveforms, and V2 had 24 waveforms. Difference between V2 and V3 is mostly Stereo, and moving the level control external, and addition of the Rate knob. If you want a few waveforms, Mono then just about any version should work well.



Reviving a thread - but looking for a V1 or V2 manual. Picked one up used and would love to know the nuances of holding the tap switch, the OPTION control function, etc.


I'd go for the v2, THE v1 misses a lot of features like the rate control Cusack put on the V2 & V3
You can still adjust the tempo with the Tap button though (like I have to do on the Tap-A-Phase)


I haven't got a Tap-A-Whirl myself but love the Tap-A-Phase & Tap-A-Delay. Nicely built boxes


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