FS Custom 12 channel programable looper switcher $300

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    N-Audio 12 channel programable looper. 10 loops for FX pedals and two for amp switching or other control. This device has three Banks and each Bank can store up to 12 presets, to a total of 36 independent presets. In addition, this Looper has a special free mode which enables you to quickly and dynamically modify the programmed presets. In free mode each footswitch controls the corresponding loop so you can add or subtract loops to any preset combination. You can input up to 11 effects and to amp control circuits with the last three effects plugged in the send-return of the amplifier. All Loop circuits are based on high-quality gold plated relays. this gives you true bypass switching between effects while maintaining the optimal sound of your guitar. If required besides the standard passive guitar input, you can use the additional buffered input, based on a high-quality low-noise out band, working at 15 volts DC for maximum Headroom without any sound distortion.

    I had this custom made for $1200 a few years back.
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