Sold Custom Built Strat - sunburst, slabboard, looks, plays and sounds like an old one! - *SOLD*


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As nice a "partscaster" as you will find. Very accurate to vintage specs. Tastefully "aged" for an authentic vintage look. This was a well thought out and purposeful build using the best parts with a specific concept in mind. Not just a bunch of random parts thrown together. Very lightweight at just 7lbs 4oz. Rings like a bell, loud and lively, plays smooth all up and down the entire fretboard with no dead spots, no buzzing. I don't think the truss rod has ever been touched. This is a no excuses axe with serious vibe that is on par with the best out of the FCS.

- MJT lightweight alder body with early 60's thin nitro lacquer 3 color sunburst finish, vintage accurate deep sculpted body contours
- Musikraft slabboard neck. Nice fat chunky C shape, .86 at 1st fret, .97 at 12th fret, flamed hard rock maple, 1-11/16 width, 9.5 radius, super dark rosewood board, real aged clay dots, thin nitro amber lacquer finish
- Fender Pure Vintage '65 neck and middle PU's, Duncan Twang Banger in the bridge
- Fender vintage spec tremolo bridge and hardware, nickel Kluson Deluxe tuners, nickel Ron Kirn 5 digit serial number neck plate
- Amber tinted and lightly aged PU covers & knobs, mint green guard
- CTS pots, pro soldered, cloth wire. (master volume, tone control on bridge PU, blend control to combine neck & bridge)
- Natural, horizontal fine weather checking all over neck and body, no fake razor blade checking nor any fake looking sanded "wear"
- Ships in a gig bag, add $100 for the G&G Fender tweed case

This can easily become someone's #1 Strat. You will not be disappointed.





MJT finishes can be hit or miss. They absolutely nailed the classic early-mid 60's Fender sunburst on this one. The finish on this body is perfect in every way. It would fool a lot of folks as an original.


Decal is on top of finish so can be easily removed if desired. Notice correct, convex fingerboard extension onto headstock

Mild flame and blister figure with that pearlescent sheen of true eastern hard rock maple



The Fender Pure Vintage '65's have a little more mid push but are still clear and glassy. The Duncan Twang Banger is my new favorite Strat bridge PU. It has a special wind and a steel baseplate like a Tele PU. It's got that twang and extra drive to it that gives a Strat a whole new capability when it's time to stomp the throttle

This bridge was purchased from a gigging Nashville player so the wear is real, including a couple of mismatched saddles, lol

Bumps and bruises all over but no fake sanded wear anywhere

The jack cup is from that same Nashville players guitar, with a nice vintage patina



Early 60's serial number neck plate

I think these are Raw Vintage springs, can't remember for sure but very likely as I used them on my best builds

Expert cut nut by my tech, lightly aged. Very little fret wear, 6105 frets

This might be the best Indian rosewood board I've ever seen. Looks more like Brazilian than a lot of Brazilian. Dark and oily, smooth and dense. Real aged clay dots and side markers. I think Musikraft makes the best vintage spec necks. This one is their '59 option, which costs extra for the accurate details like the convex fingerboard extension, correct scoop radius behind the nut, correct position of the side dot markers on the fretboard edge, etc.

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Lots of interest and inquiries but still available. Someone is going to take the leap of faith and be really glad they did. Easily as good as any boutique relic or Custom Shop strat at less than half the price.

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