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I've used Lava Tightrope solderless cables for a few years now and I've been pretty happy with them. I am in the process of expanding my pedal setup and moving to a larger pedalboard, which will require new cables.

I've thought about getting a kit and soldering my own patch cables, but to be honest I'm really terrible at soldering and don't think I'd feel confident in their reliability. Is there someplace I can order custom made patch cables at varying lengths? I really like the Ernie Ball flat ribbon patch cables, so i guess i could get more of those. Any suggestions for someplace to get custom cables without having to roll my own?
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TightSqueeze on Reverb makes good stuff (I have a couple Lava mini-ELCs made by them and I think they also have some soldered Monorails along with several other types of cables).

Best-Tronics will make custom length cables for you with whatever kind of connectors you want (I really like the patch cable I have made by them with the round Squareplug ends but recently realized that the flat ones likely would save a significant amount of space. Round ones are really easy to unplug.)

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