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It’s an excellent unit and I want to love it. I’m probably not quite on top of it yet. The blend knob is terrific. I struggle a bit with the volume and tone knobs. I don’t really want any level or tone difference in most pedals. I just want them to do their thing and not change those things.

I tend to prefer the MXR Studio Compressor BUT I plan to A/B them some more and contrast them.
The blend knob is the selling feature for me. I’d been debating compressors for a while and just need some basic leveling on cleans, but I specifically wanted something with a blend/mix knob. One of these popped up on the cheap, so I decided to give it a go. It’s not a critical pedal for me, so hoping it serves my basic needs. We’ll see!


Anyone in Canada should take a look at Nice Rack Canada, located in Toronto. They have pro level builds and Mike is an awesome guy to work with!



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The PedalPad board is here! I’m still gathering the pieces of the final board, so assembling and wiring will be a few, but here’s a brutally honest initial assessment of the board and experience.

The customer service was fantastic and the ordering process couldn’t have been easier. Phil and crew were quick to respond, answered questions promptly (even during a holiday weekend), and updates came a few times to keep me informed of where the board was in queue. Couldn’t ask for more there. Top notch.

The board looks great (as seen in the pics). It’s HiWatt/Vox orange, and the fit and finish are on point. It arrived quick and without a mark on it. All of the jacks I requested are neatly arranged, and the cutout for the BOSS ES-5 will work perfect to route the cables underneath and allow pedals to be closer to the switcher. Huge space savings.

That said, it’s not without flaws. When it first arrived, I reached in to lift the top panel and ended up with numerous splinters in my hand. Probably just some isolated spots, and I’ve admittedly not investigated fully, but I’ll likely end up getting some sandpaper and going around the edges underneath just because.

I put a few pedals on to start getting arrangement ideas down, and I did start to wonder how stable the top panel is after applying a little pressure. I placed a wah on the right side and the pressure needed to turn on the wah *does* cause the top panel to start buckling. You can feel it give and see the adjacent pedals start to sink in. Not a comprehensive vid, but a quick close up for perspective:

I think part of the issue is the lack of support for the top panel. It’s a 27” X 14” panel filled with 3/4” X 11” holes that’s basically being held up only by a little over 1/4” of support on the bottom (see pic) that only runs the length of half of the panel because of the cutout. At a minimum, it should probably have support on each side (pointed to via the screwdriver in the pic) that the top panel could sit on for support to keep it from buckling when pressure is applied (a small middle post would be advantageous as well, but side support seems most critical).

That said, I may end up trying to create some side support posts. Otherwise I’m afraid I may get a little heavy footed during an adrenaline filled show and crack the top panel in half stepping on the wah.

To recap or Cliffs Notes for the TL;DR crowd: Top notch customer service and ordering experience along with great communication. Quick turnaround and delivery without a scratch on the board. Fit and finish are impeccable and fantastic. Top panel seems a little structurally compromised given the size and makeup and will need some additional support to secure it.


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Looks great! Love the Hiwatt/Vox orange. Mine arrived yesterday afternoon. Like yours, it was packed perfectly and in absolute pristine condition. I placed pedals yesterday and then did an initial wiring run this evening. Here are a couple of quick pics…

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That looks great! Completely jealous that you’re already up and running, haha. I’ll be a few. I’ve got a full arrangement down now, but I still need to buy cabling to wire it up, and to have my old MXR Flanger swapped from the attached power cable to an 18v adapter jack. I should be able to get most of it sorted while I’m waiting on that, though. One step closer!


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If you want a board, try vboutique. If you need a case circle 3 is on top right now.

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