Sold Custom Redco Pedalboard Snake


Now up for sale is my custom made Pedalboard snake. I ordered this from Redco a couple of years ago. My pedalboard has downsized so I'm no longer using it. I used it to run from the pedalboard to the front of the amp, back out to the board through the effects loop, and to use the channel footswitch on my amp. It has three 1/4" TS connections and one 1/4" TRS. I think it's 20' long, but I didn't uncoil it when I took the pics yesterday to make sure. I've used it for rehearsals and a few shows, but would rather it go to someone who can use it than have it sit in the bottom of my cable bucket.

I paid close to $100; will ship it to you CONUS for $50. PM with any questions.


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