Custom Vibrolux Moyer mod ground reference Resistor question


nothing in my opinion.It's to reference the heaters to ground.100 ohms is just fine.I notice no difference in the noise floor when switching from 100 ohm to 47 ohm.


Yeah, I didn't notice any problems with it. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to hurt anything internal. I didn't add the negative feedback loop, but it sounds great. I did change the mid point in both channels.
On Bright channel (with the bright cap removed) I bumped the 6.8k to 10k. I heard that is called the Nashville mod. Whatever it is, keeps the highs and lows full with a touch more warmth.
On the Normal channel, I changed the 6.8k to 21k. I lost some highs, lows are still there, but a nice, nice warm mid bump. Sounds great cranked. Overdrive is very smooth. Not raspy like before.
Bright channel sounds great cranked also.

Reverb is nice and full. I could not find a 3300pf cap locally, so I didn't change that cap, yet. I am worried that the 12AX7 will not be tuff enough like the 12AT7 that was in there. I shall see.

Over all, the mod is great. The volume controls are more usable. As, it isn't distorting at 2-3 on the dial any longer. It is a nice clean and full sound. Want some overdrive, keep turning the knob.

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