Sold Cutthroat Audio Francene Bluesbreaker Style I 2x10 Combo in Purple; 6G3 Circuit

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Francene is a British voiced 20W combo that is a "what-if" recreation of what the Marshall 1974/1958 combos might have been if they had been "inspired" by the 6G3 Brown Deluxe, instead of the Watkins Dominator. Affectionately known as Down Brownie's "sister from another mister".

'65 JTM45 & '68 JMP50-voiced channels, PPIMV, switchable SS/tube rectifier, adjustable NFB + Presence control. Custom Bluesbreaker Style I cab with EC Collins pinstripe grill cloth is available in a 1x12 or 2x10. Radio Spares output transformer and custom power transformer from Mercury Magnetics. All hand-wired using SoZo mustard caps, F&T and Sprague filter caps, carbon comp + carbon film resistors, etc.; all the good stuff! (2) 6V6GT, GZ34, (3) ECC83/12AX7 tube compliment. Weber Silver Series 10" Alnico and ceramic speakers are standard. $2695 fully equipped.

Complete Francene specs HERE.

In stock ready to go at Rumble Seat Music In Nashville!

Also listed in the Commercial Amps and Cabs Emporium, per Emporium rules.
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