Sold Cutthroat Audio Penguin -Amp; the Ultimate 6G2 Brown Princeton

Ron W

Cable Guy
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The Penguin -Amp™ is a faithful tribute to the much-loved 6G2 Brown Princeton from Cutthroat Audio. Dressed in the black/white "tuxedo" livery of the late '63 Princetons, it's all "Brown" under the hood.

Although it is a single channel amp, the pre-amp has two distinctive voices. The normal voicing is pure 6G2 Brown goodness. Pull the volume knob and the JMP-50 voicing is engaged for a decidedly more British tone.

This old-school build uses Mercury Magnetics iron, Weber Alnico 10A125-P, Rich II Mod PPIMV, push/pull volume & tone pots for channel "voicing" and extra gain boost, switchable tube/SS rectifier, switchable 6G2/5E3/JTM45 negative feedback, and adjustable bias trim pot. SoZo blue coupling caps, F&T filter caps, carbon comp resistors; all the good stuff! The custom cab is 1" deeper than stock and sports black rough tolex (same texture as the browns), lightly aged grill cloth and a black "dog bone" handle.

A full and complete description of the Penguin -Amp™ is here. $1895 + shipping, fully equipped.

Sound clips here.

Lead time is currently 6-8 weeks. Please PM me with questions and/or ordering info. Thanks for looking!


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