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D*A*M Drag'n'Fly


I've checked out some YouTube vids of the Drag'n'Fly, but unfortunately they're quality-wise all over the place so it's difficult to tell what the pedal is really capable of.

Can you please tell me what you know? How does it clean up and can it do a great fuzzy overdrive (as opposed to balls to the wall fuzz)? Is the low end tight and focused? Tonally, what else does it compare to?


Great pedal! It's as described, a cross between a Fuzz Face and a Vox Tone Bender. The filter knob is the key. Set clock wise, it has the flubby bass of a Fuzz Face; counter clock wise the bass is rolled off for the Vox Tone Bender sound. Great clean up & in between tones too!


It's a killer fuzz. Cleans up fairly nicely, though not as nice as my Super Bee and Sun Face. It's got more gain than my Meathead Deluxe though. The Meathead is a much fatter with a huge low end. Drag'n'Fly really needs a big amp to sound great IMO. Drag'n'Fly's highs are a little buzzier/present. It's a very gnarly and aggressive fuzz and I love it.


I really dig my dragonfly

Depending on where you set the tone knob changes the nature of the fuzz quite a bit, it seems to remove low end/low mids as you turn it CCW so Full clockwise is very fuzz facey, with the brick wall looser low end and whatnot while full CCW is very vox tonebenderish with raspy and cutting nature they are known for, I usually run mine between 11-noon

The gain isnt over the top, with the tone at 11 o'clock the drive between noon and 4 pm and volume to taste I feel it does a very nice fuzzy OD, definitely not a ton of gain on tap but more than enough to get plenty fuzzy

I find the cleanup to be fine but not exceptional like something like a true Ge fuzz face or a sunface but enough to get by, doesnt ever seem to get totally clean for me but great in between drive tones to be had

Very useable fuzz in a live setting and can cover a lot of ground, good stuff

Aloe loves to be hit with a range master type circuit for leads


I liked the scarab deluxe much better although the Dfly had some mojo.. but it was really hard for me to dial in a sweet spot for some reason.

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