Sold D*A*M Zonk (Zoink Machine), Dizzytron

theyre coming theyre coming

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Selling these fellas for what was paid for them. Too much? That’s how I roll- sometimes you need to pay up to get the whales!

I was shooting for the ZZ set, but realized I won’t be replacing my fuzzaround (even though the buzztronix is ****ing amazing), I lucked into an OG Dizzy, and, what can I say- my jerms zonk is the be all end all for me. I was considering selling my Supatron (ZZ.5), since I’m breaking up the set...but I upset my 8 year old and to pay me back- he scratched it up with a screw :headpop:

So, the supatron is currently not for sale, but my 8 year old is. Name your price.

As for the pedals- $499 for the zz.2, $Sold for the ZZ.4 (Shipped/paypalled, fees on you)

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