D Addario - NYXL vs Elixir Optiweb


Hey everyone; I am looking at switching strings. For 20 years I used Ernie Balls. 9s on Strats, 10s on Les Paul short scale, and 9.5s on Tuned down Strats. Recently I was told about D Addario NYXLs. I tried them. I found that I liked them better then Ernie Ball. But I am not sure I am totally in to them. I was told by a guy at a music store to try Elixir Optiweb. I use Elixir a long time ago. Like 20 years ago. I hated the coating. But; I hear the Optiweb does NOT feel like coating, and the tone is better? Right now; I really like the NYXL's. But; they seem skinnier then Ernie Ball. EB feel thicker the D Addario. Like the gauges are just different. Anyone else notice that? Is there a thickness difference between the different brands? Ernie Ball goes dead for me within a few days and it looses that "zing". I am looking for a string that has that "zing" that Ernie Ball has. NYXLs are close. But they feel strange due to the thickness difference.

Before I go out and spend a bunch of money on strings I figured I would ask if anyone has experience with the newer Elixirs and NYXLs. I play classic hard rock like Van Halen, Scorpions, all the way to the way Paul Gilbert Racer X shred.

Anyway; I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
Sorry, but the NYXL's are a bit stiffer [harder to bend] than the regular XL's. And ALOT stiffer than Super Slinky's of the same gauge. Not sure how you can have a polar opposite opinion of something that is a fact?
I love the the NYXL's in 9-42, they feel like a 10 set.

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