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D*mn Centura


I think I’m really liking this thing but to quote The First Nudie Musical, “it was just so biiiig!”. I’d have to knock off the two (and only) od’s on my board, or one od and one of two delays. It sounds better than either od at least to my ears today (waza Bd-2 and Eternity burst). More amp like than either. What to do?


Gold Supporting Member
Did you replace it with another klone?
I’m on the lookout for a Lovepedal Box of Awesome which has a Kalamazoo in one side. I have my Tumnus in that spot and it looks hilarious in the vacant spot if the Centura. Centura is just a little sweeter sounding but obviously Tumnus is not a size concern. If someone would sell me their Box of Awesome I could see if the Klon itch has been scratched. I’m kinda into Lovepedals these days

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