Daisy chain question


OK, bear with me here. I am putting together my first pedalboard
with everything connected to a decibel eleven power supply.
I have a SD tweak fuzz - Keeley SD-1 OD - Tube Screamer - MXR EQ -
Boss CH-1 - Hardwire reverb into the power supply.
I plan on adding a couple of new pedals and I need to
free up some inputs on the power supply so my question is this.
Which of these existing pedals can I daisy chain together?
The MXR is running into a 12v plug but the rest are 9v.

Blues Lyne

Not sure which of their power supplies you have, but even the 100ma outputs should be able to handle a couple of dirt pedals. For instance a Tube Screamer draws around 7-10ma and an SD-1 (non-modded) draws 4-6ma.

Try daisy chaining two of the dirt pedals and see if you get any noise. If you don't, you are good. If you do you know you don't want to chain those two together. Then try two more and see what happens, and so on. If you do several at once, it will be harder to track down which is causing the problem if you get noise.

I'd keep the digital pedals on their own output since they can sometimes cause noise when chained with dirt pedals. They also draw more current (75ma for the Hardwire Reverb).

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