Damian Probett Rapide DONE!!!


As some of you may know, as a present for finally getting my Engineering BS, last April, my parents bought me a guitar: I opted for having it built at my specs from our good old bloke Mouldynudger, also known as Damian Probett: we worked together on the specs, and came out with a slightly modified and customized version of his Rapide model.

Damian finished it on 12/22, and sent me the pics of the finished guitar as a Christmas present.

Here it is:


By millul at 2009-12-28

(sorry, I have a 56K line at home, I'll post more when I'm at my GF's place)

The guitar looks friggin perfect!!! Damian did an incredible job, and I can't wait to have it in my hands (I told him to ship it after Epipany's over, to avoid the Holydays craziness).

Here are the specs:
- 24 9/16 scale, set neck
- Spanish cedar body
- Mahogany neck
- Madagascar rosewood fretboard, peghead veneer, neck pickup ring and back plate
- 16" fretboard radius, 6150 frets
- Haussel pick ups
- Hipshot bridge and locking open back tuners
- Oxblood top, natural back, natural satin neck

Let's get ready to RAWK!!!


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Very nice! Damian is a great guy and I hear his guitars sound fantastic!



Update: 1st tone report (and hand-on review):


The hand work is the best I've seen so far: very tight joins, no glue oozing anywhere, great fretjob, great wood, spotless painting.

The guitar is very light, and rings strongly against your body, especially when you struck a low-voiced chord.

Acoustically, it has both warmth and bite, with a tasty middy growl I really like!

Amped up: I have only plaied it through my crappy practice amp, but even in this case the sound is full, warm , with the right touch of crispiness: ROCK!!! Think a very warm SG, for a comparison.

I'm going to play it through a couple of serious amps (Brunetti and Marshall) next week!

Playability is very good, the neck feels great, and I've found the perfect combo of features for putting my picking hand in the best possible position!

Just spent a good 30 minutes just strumming away on it..man, it responds almost like an acoustic! This Spanish cedar is no joke!

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