Damn!!! Les Paul GAS has begun!!!


I was at GC today killing time and my friendly GC employee tells me about a recent trade in that he thinks I will like. He must not know me very well because I am a full fledged strat guy. He shows me a 1994 Les Paul Classic in black with gold hardware. He tells me that some guy traded it in yesterday. The price tag showed $1299. I haven't played a Les Paul in several years so I thought why not. I plugged it into an Egnater Tourmaster full stack and let 'er rip.
Holy smokes. I forgot how thick and ballsy a Les Paul sounds. For 30 minutes I was Billy Gibbons and Warren Haynes all wrapped up in one. Now I am feverishly trying to figure out how to scrape up $1200 without the wife finding out. Damn GAS!!!!


Colonel of Truth
Do you gig? For money?

Let Uncle Sammy help with the tax deduction.

That'd make it easier for her to swallow.

Makes me want to go pro...
(If I only had talent!:thud)


Yeah, there's nothing like a LP for ballsy tone... They just feel different, too.

Somehow I have been consumed by LP GAS recently. I now have four!

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