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    May 21, 2008

    DAN ELECTRODE – variable power supply.

    The claim of the manufacturer is that by reducing the power to overdrives, tube screamers, distortion boxes, and fuzz pedals you can change the sound and feel of the pedal.

    Going in, I expected this product to be snake oil, in that if it indeed changed the tone of the pedal, it would be so slight as to be of negligible worth.

    I tried the Dan Electrode with my Distortus Maximus. I dialed it down to the lowest setting which is 3 volts, and though the LED was lit on the pedal, it produced nothing but a whistle tone. As I turned up the voltage slightly, the pedal began to function, but would cut in and out with lower signal input from the guitar, like light picking or volume roll off. I settled at about 7.5 volts, with extreme volume roll off it will still cut in and out a bit like a bad wireless, but the signal stays steady with light picking.

    At the 7.5 setting, the output volume is noticeably less than at the full 9 volts. This is not a problem however as the Distortus Maximus has insane headroom. I normally run it at about 2.5 on the volume with the normal 9 volts, at 7.5 volts I had to turn it up to about 3.5 to get the same signal strength to the amp.

    The Distortus Maximus is a modern sounding pedal that should be properly named “Krank Rev Plus Preamp”. It’s like having a Revolution in a box. The DM is very modern and aggressive. The effect obtained by feeding the DM lower voltage is profound. Immediately you notice less harshness and a softer, fuzzier edge. I dialed down the treble a bit to eliminate too much fizz. Harmonic overtones start to leap off the fretboard. All of a sudden the mids come to life and the tone definitely acquires a more vintage-like vibe, approaching modded Marshall territory. Think early Metallica or Dokken kind of tones.

    Very cool, very usable, definitely this is staying on my board. One great feature is that the Dan Electrode has a bypass switch that puts it right at 9 volts, so you do not lose your setting on the dial. Lots of bang for the buck, definitely lots of fun to play with, and it most definitely does what the manufacturer claims it will do.


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