Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe with suddenly no Vibe


I got a used Cool Cat Vibe since I had read it was very similar to the Univibe. I knew going in to it about the delay issue and volume issue but was not entirely concerned.

The pedal sounded really pretty good for $28 but then yesterday the "delay" before the vibe started never ended. It just bumped the volume a bit and never started vibing.

So I did internet research and ripped the pedal apart assuming the lamp was either A) not on at all because it burned out or B) not pulsing due to something like the lamp driver transistor going bad. However... it is still lit and it is still pulsing and changes pulse when i change the rate knob. But when I turn the Mix all the way to the vibe side I just get very quiet dull sound with some crackling and popping from time to time. If i turn the mix at all the other direction I just get basically dry signal.

Any ideas? Everything seems normal except no vibe. I like to tinker with pedals but I am no expert. Could it still be the lamp driver? I was assuming that if that was out then the lamp would stop pulsing.

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