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Danelectro Sleeper

I must tell you first and foremost that i always had some sort of disgust when i thought about danelectro pedals. i always thought they were cheap, terrible sounding, waste of time and money pedals. Now all i can say is that they're cheap. The FRENCH TOAST is sincerely an awesome fuzz box. For 40 dollars it was the best deal i have ever gotten on a pedal. Granted, the enclosure is terrible and i will have to somehow get it rehoused, but for now this thing is kicking some serious ass. This pedal demo on youtube does do this pedal justice and you should all go out and get one.



Danelectro is getting alot of praise lately...

I love my Tuna Melt and PB & J, something I can just throw in my gig bag for a gig or practice.


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I just added a Reel Echo to my board. It's big and heavy, but IMHO it does a great Echoplex delay sound.
I have three dano pedals out of five on my board.

Cool Cat Fuzz, Tuna Melt Tremolo, and PB+J Delay. I bought the last two for 20 each.

I've mounted the pedals on a board, and they have held up pretty well. I'm a big guy too, so I thought I would bust the switches, but so far so good.



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Fab Echo in the house here.
Honestly, it doesn't sound like a cheap pedal ($20 to my door on Ebay). In fact the 50's Sun echo sound it does, it does pretty good.


Big fan here....I have a 'Toast, Chix Salad, PBnJ, Fish n Chips, and Cool Cat Drive and Fuzz. They all get gigged regularly.


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I think thats michael patrick from right here on the TGP. You should pm him with questions. His vids are excellent.


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i agree, dano pedals are a great deal. danecho, daddy-o, vibe, flanger, phaser for me. looking at the spring king for pedal verb. it's got to be more trustworthy than a holy grail.

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