Dang! Rory Gallagher was a mofo on guitar!


If you can get the early King Bicuit Flower Hour/BBC concert series cd's they have a couple Excellent raw and Really really good performances from him.
He always had a Bad Ass beat Strat that barked out whatever he wanted it to.
That above vid is classic.


Just get all of his stuff and especially all of his live stuff. You have found a new world. No one compares. No - one. The thing is too - that without ever getting to see him live - (I did,) Rory had such a remarkable stage presence. Whether it was 100,000 size crowd or 1500 in a bar. That presence does not translate in any video. But you DO get to hear some of the coolest @#$ on those live albums.
RIP Rory.


Whenever I get tired of the bland wannabe's and posers
currently around. I put on Irish Tour or the Rockpalast
DVD's to see a True Master at work. Humble and a true
lover of the blues.
Lets Go To Work is a great intro CD
Also Live At The BBC

You Want T.O.N.E. - You Got It !... Who's John Mayer ?

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I was lucky enough to be a gig-going kid when Rory was in his prime and saw him several times. He was always good and his appeal was very wide and cut across a lot of music genre boundaries.

I was also lucky enough to play in a band with bassist Charlie (Richie) McCracken from Taste for a while and also gigged once or twice with drummer Brendan O'Neill of the Rory Gallagher Band. When they start playing it's like being strapped to the nosecone of an ICBM and you realise that not only was Rory amazing but his band members were very special too.


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Yep. Like so many of the greats, he doesn't do anything technically that many of us can't do. He just does it so, so, so much better! His choice of voicings, pauses, and his overall feel for the music are unmatched.


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Where did he get the cool relic'ed strat? I didn't know they made them back then.

Seriously.... I saw him a few times in the 70's. His drummer Rod D'ath was pretty damn good; ambidextrous; would switch hands on snare and hi-hat after rolls and keep on rockin'.

My band did "Laundromat", his version of "Messin' with the Kid", and a couple of Taste covers.


Rory was one of my favorites. I was lucky enough to see him in concert several time in the 70's. He actually toured the U.S. quite a bit back then, but became more reclusive and developed a fear of flying later in his career.

Rory was a very warm, passionate and dedicated guitar player on stage. He was the epitome of a hard working showman/musician. Most of his recordings never captured the raw energy and charisma he had on stage.

Like a previous poster, I played several Rory songs back in the day... among them Laundromat, Messin' With The Kid, and Million Miles Away. In fact, I still seem to wank the Laundromat riff every once in awhile when I am noodling.

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