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Danny Gatton - Hometown Hero - Raw Footage


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it was funny to hear Danny talking that he likes really thin amounts of finish on the body and the neck and to hear him talking about the amps....
certainly Danny knew what he liked and preferred....i actually got to play a DG tele back in '95, although the bass string broke, but i remember it being a nice playing guitar....funny thing i don't remember the neck feeling too huge, which is the other thing he preferred based on how his '53 tele was built...


In one of his available interviews, no less than Steve Vai was asked who he considered the most accomplished guitarist he had ever heard. He said without hesitation it was Danny Gatton. He said his mastery of the instrument was way beyond anyone he had ever heard (including of course himself).


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Super cool footage. I'm not a Gatton connoisseur, but what a talented player he was.


As a lifelong resident of Charles County MD I never even heard of Danny Gatton until one day in the 80's I stopped in a small club on 210 Hwy that I believe was call Billy Jacks to get a beer early in the evening and I heard the band behind me setting up for the night and someone was ripping slide guitar and I turned around to see some guy going nuts playing slide on a tele with a Heineken beer bottle. I later found out it was Danny Gatton when I saw a picture of him on some guitar magazine.


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I was fascinated by all things Danny Gatton in the 90’s(the 90’s really were a great time for music!). His major label debut inspired me to seek out everything I could find of his and I couldn’t believe he had been around for at least 15 years before that. Being young and ignorant of mental health issues, I just could not fathom how someone with such talent and soul on an instrument could take his own life, but now that I am a much older and experienced man, yeah I can say that there are things in this world that can envelop a person’s entire being, and all the accolades and virtuosic talent in the world mean nothing during times of real internal crisis. I can only hope it wasn’t triggered by something as lame as financial issues. **** money.

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