Dano drive and rehouse


Got a dano CC drive yesterday for free after spending more than €500 on gear, popped it on my acoustic board to try it out as a clean boost for an unplugged gig, liked the sound so much that I had to use my compressor as a solo booster (I usually use a DOD bifet preamp as a boost).

It's a great little pedal (controversy aside), and I havn't even tried it with my rig yet!

I must admit that the design is stoopid, I'm not talking about stacked pots etc, but I just couldn't get it on my board with right angled jacks - it's a stupider design than even behringer's cheapy range with the power jacks right in the way of the input jack cable.
Couldn't get it to sit properly on my board, but got through the gig OK with it. >

So being that I got it for nothing, I set about invalidating my warantee by cracking it open....



The damn business stuff inside is tiny!!!

previously i got sick of having an A/B switch on my board - so I built it INTO the board as follows:

My question is this: do u guys know if the housing plays a major role in the Dano's shielding ability - can I just pop it onto a simple tiny hammond box and mount it the same way as I did the A/B above???

The design is really a no-brainer - don't even need to desolder anything by the look of it, everything is clipped into place - I've never seen a simpler design.



UPDATE - it's a no goer. Will have to fully enclose it in a hammond box which is defeating the object a little - I just wanted to mount the tub of the hammond onto the bottom of the tier and have the controls and switch coming through (I ordered the wrong hammond boxes by mistake - the ones with the exterior screw mounting lugs). Will pick up some insulation tape tomorow and see if it helps.

The dano enclosure seems to play a key role in keeping interference out for what it's worth. was hoping for a 10 minute pedalboard mod to counter the real estate the dano takes up, bummer!


Formerly tripp2k
That cat sings! Definitely worth the time to figure out how to make it fit the real estate. Last thing I need is to GAS over more drive, but for the change it might be worth it.
I already have the drive & love it, but if rehousing becomes a viable option I'll probably pick up a few more of the CCs. They just fit a little strangely on the board (& look weird but I dont care so much about that)

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