Sold Danocaster Faded Candy Apple Offset (Jazzmaster) PRICE DROP


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I just got this but I made some stupid moves with some recent trading/buying and left myself with only one amp, which isn't too smart when I'm touring and have at least 3 gigs a week. So I am letting this guitar go for $2150 including PayPal fees and buyer pays actual shipping CONUS only. I'm interested in trades for 50 watt or higher Dumble style amps, especially Two Rock and Fuchs. I'm also into Category 5 and PRS CAD amps with reverb. I'm not interested in very small 1x12 combos and heads are preferred.

Dan made this guitar in 2013 in a super cool coppery faded candy apple red finish that shows the gold undercoat like how original CAR ages. It has a Lollar bridge pickup and Pickup Wiz neck pickup with 500k pots. Comes with the tremolo arm, hang tag, and soft case from Dan.

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