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Darius Rucker goes country

A quick review of the new-ish Darius (Hootie) Rucker CD, 'Learn to Live'. Just got this a couple days ago and have spun it several times.

It is produced by Frank Rogers, who is Brad Paisley's producer and frequent co-writer. So the production on Learn to Live is very slick, very tight. Sounds really good, although it sounds like Darius' voice is electronically doubled (?) in some places, which is a little odd.

The songs sound very typical of the Hootie and the Blowfish style, and really the Brad Paisley style also: sappy and corny. I like sappy and corny, since that is part of what country music is to me!

The whole album is so well-recorded and played. Top Nashville players: Brad does guest on a couple tracks, Brent Mason is all over the album, and a guy named JT Corenflos seems to be on a lot of tracks. Really good guitar playing all over the album.

Overall a pretty good album, since the playing and singing are top notch. Maybe not for hardcore country fans, but definitely rootsy and fun. :phones

Anyone else listening to this?


He's a very convincing 'country singer', sounds kind of like Toby. I'm glad he's back on track once again, albeit a new one.

Mark Ray

The RockTrain
Platinum Supporting Member
I have always liked hearing Darius sing.The 2 songs I've heard from this release, I like very much, even though I am a 99% "classic rock guy."



Gold Supporting Member
JT Corenflos is a bad mother...You know I am not a big fan of his but its better than most of the Taylor Swift and clones coming out of Nashville right now..


I think Darius should be singing country, but just not "clean", Grand Ole Opry type country. Think more along the lines of Hank Junior, George Jones...

He gives David Allen Coe a run for his money doing Steve Goodman's "You Never Even Called Me by my Name". I saw Hootie and the BF do that live here in Atlanta at Chastain park. Freaking off-the-hook good.


Gold Supporting Member
Wow, that's some serious talent he has playing with him (and producing him too). I might have to give this one a listen. Thanks for the heads up! :drink


Darius has always had a country side. Back in the late 80's when he and the Hootie boys were singing at local bars every weekend they often did hardcore old country tunes. They also had a predisposition to Dylan tunes. Darius is really one of the most diversely influenced performers I've ever met. He's a good guy to boot.


Unrepentant Massaganist
He scored a number one with Don't Think I Don't Think About It a little while back.

Kind of funny how he tried the R&B thing and that didn't work, so he decided to go country.

Like Bob McDill wrote:

He's gone country
Back to his roots
He's gone country
New pair of boots

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