Sold David Alled Alley Cat~~ Bridge /pending sale

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    Jul 21, 2014
    David Allen ~~ Allet Cat Pickup
    This David Allen Humbucker rocks! It came stock in my Rock N Roll Relics'52. The only reason I'm selling it is because of all my other humbucker guitars have the exact same pickup in them, so I felt compelled to make the switch. This pickup is what Rock N Roll Relics call "aged" it is not a relic, it just looks like a used pickup.

    I changed the magnet from the A2 to a rough cast AV, it doesn't change the tone all that much I found, (but it does tighten the bottom end somewhat) I will include the original A2 if you like, no problem ( I've never felt the A2 right for me) But the AV makes it like a vintage PAF that won't get "mushy" on you.
    I'd grab this before someone else does!
    These pickups are hard to get because:

    1) No one wants to take them out of guitar
    2) THEY ONLY SELL THESE IN SETS, so no buying just the bridge if you want.
    3)These sets sell for $280 a set plus another $15.00 for nickel covers.

    There is about 12 inches if wire, I had a tech remove it so the ends are clean and ready to be installed..

    I hate the image host sites, so please email me I'll send you all the pictures you want..

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