Dawes and Louis Electric


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Just saw that Taylor Goldsmith, lead singer and guitarist of the amazing California folk rock quartet Dawes, is rocking a new Louis Electric amp. Not sure of the model, but it looks pretty damn cool!

If you haven't heard of these guys, you owe it to yourself to check 'em out. One of my favorite bands of the last 3 years. They have two albums out now and they're on the rise big time. Great sound reminiscent of Jackson Browne, The Band, and Bruce Springsteen.

Taylor is a nasty player, and is known for rocking teles through either a Hayseed 30 or a Vox AC30, and every now and then he plays a Silverface Fender. This Louis Electric seems like new territory for him. Interested to hear him playing through it.


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Cool that he let Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia pose with the amp. :D

His Tele/AC (Hayseed) tone on this video made me build a Tele and get a Magic Amps Brit!

Maybe he is trying to get a similar tone at a more controllable volume.


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I don't know the band or the player but, I don't blame him for playing a Louis Electric. Lou is old-school New Jersey with a great ear. Great guy, great amplifiers!

Not for the bedroom, though.

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