Vendor DCW Pedals - TGP Thanksgiving Pedal Giveaway 2020! WINNER ANNOUNCED!


It's time for another giveaway! The Halloween thread was a winner, so I thought we'd do it again. The older I get, not only do I appreciate the things that make my every day life better, but also all the people in the past that have helped me out along the way. Next week is Thanksgiving and I can't think of a better time to count our blessings. If this is your first time for a DCW Giveaway, Welcome! Here is how it goes down....

What Do We Win? You tell me!
- One winner will be selected at random and they will win the DCW Pedal of their choice!
- If there are more than 200 entries, I will do an additional drawing for a second pedal! Invite and tag your friends so you can double your odds.

How Do I Enter?
REQUIREMENT ONE: Go to my website listed below and pick out your favorite pedal and put the name in your post. Tell me what you want to win, it's that simple!

REQUIREMENT TWO: List something you are thankful for. Heartfelt and sincere or tongue in cheek, it all plays.

Example: "Exoplex Preamp/Boost and my wife's cooking!" or "DCW Pedals ZAZ Drive and finding my new job" etc.

That's it! If you happen to change your mind on what pedal you want, feel free to edit your original post before the contest ends to lock in your choice. What makes this different from all the stuff crowding up your inbox? This is a TGP Exclusive Giveaway (not sponsored by TGP just to be clear). We are not talking about thousands of entries from social media sites, so your odds of winning will be pretty good! This is just for my fellow TGP folks. Participate in this thread and fulfill BOTH listed requirements and you are entered to win. I will "LIKE" your post to confirm your entry. The deadline to enter is Midnight (EST) on November 30th. End of the month, end of the contest. Questions? PM me and I'll get back to you. Enter below and GOOD LUCK!

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Thankful for TGP, the people here and the information they share. Please give my pedal to the poster 10 spaces down.


Thanks for doing this, again. It’s always fun.

As for my entry - Madam Marsha and I’m thankful for my wife, dogs, and still having my job.

Blanket Jackson

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Thanks man! I will always welcome a Klone.

I am thankful for continued health for my family, and for finally finding what feels like the right core set of guitars and combo amps.


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@Snare227 thank you for the opportunity to win a DCW pedal! Very generous of you.


It might sound cheesey but I am thankful for my entire family. I see my parents almost everyday and I'll never take any moment with them for granted. To this day, my parents strongly insist that my wife and kids have Thanksgiving at their house. When the day come that they won't be around, I will gladly take up the Thanksgiving mantle. I am thankful for family.


Thanks again for your generosity
I am actually greatful for this site - the people here have been very helpful. I really don't play much at all, but my son is really into this hobby, and the knowledge and advice I get from this place has helped me relate to him through his main interest.

Miss Marsha please - and thanks again


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Thanks Dustin!
Id love to win a Miss Marsha unit!
I’m thankful for my family and the health we have to be able to be together and enjoy each other. We’ve stayed healthy through this Covid crisis. For that I’m blessed.


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Hands of Time Duo Delay.

More than ever thankful for my job. This year we had COVID related cuts :(


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I'll take a Klone for three hundred... I am grateful for the friends I have made here on the Gear Page. Ive learned more from this community than I can put into words. Sincerely thankful to you Dustin, and DCWpedals for doing this again at a time of such uncertainty and craziness. Thank you!


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Exoplex Vintage Pre

I'm thankful for Mrs Sid, my life-partner in crime and for Kid Sid for keeping it real and making me smile.

Happy Thanksgiving Dustin, to you and yours!
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