Vendor DCW Pedals - TGP Thanksgiving Pedal Giveaway 2020! WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Lung plunger

I'd love to have the Mrs Marsha. I've never had a MIAB before, so it seems like it'd be pretty awesome... a different flavor.

I gotta say, I'm pretty grateful for a hardy brain. With the big daily sh!t sandwich this year has been, I'm relatively surprised my good 'ol brain has stayed stable. I haven't completely lost it... and that's kinda cool. I'll smack myself in the forehead and give the dude a high-five. Thanks brain, I'm thankful my dude.


I just want to elaborate on my post yesterday: I am thankful, as I mentioned, for the usual stuff (my freedoms and rights, my girlfriend, family, and friends, my ability to play guitar), but other than the usual, I'm finding it difficult. I finished my degree (BAS) the day everything got shut down. It has been really disheartening to see the economy tank, the unemployment rate get wrecked, all during an election year with a pandemic taking, and having all of that interfere with my plans to start my career and move across the US to be with my girlfriend.

It is depressing and stressing me out. Especially hearing her say she's glad her father doesn't have to deal with everything this year has been and feeling similar about my grandma who was very proud of my progress in college. It also sucks that she is unable to see her mom for the holidays, and worried about her health (she is really healthy, and has a good immune system), and concerned about my mom as well (asthma, diabetes).

So yeah... real fun year, and the following year doesn't look to be much better.


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Thanks for a new giveaway. I’m thankful that my wife and kids are healthy and happy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
If selected, I’d go with your Klone. Thanks again.


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Madam Marsha

I'm thankful to be recovering after a difficult divorce, losing my band, having a spinal injury, and losing a good job due to COVID 19. The spinal injury isn't going away and the band split up after no gigs for half a year, but I'm starting to get back on my feet after the divorce and finally found a decent job.
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First of all. For those of you that are choosing the Marsha have made a GREAT choice. I have a a Ms. and a Mrs. (and his Klone) and they are both stellar MIABs. The boost channel is the real star of the show, IMO.

But, back to the task at hand.


I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for my job (but, if I may display a moment of self-centeredness, I am really thankful for the day off....the covid-times have been rough...but nothing compared to what our health workers has been going through - I'm really thankful for them, as well). And, I am thankful to have a great pedal builder - DCW - in my neck of the woods (by the way, this is Tom from Chas.) where we really have nothing (except drug use, but I digress).


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Wow, very cool of you to do this.

Mrs Marsha sounds cool.

I am thankful that during this tough year that me and the Mrs. Have remained employed and have not fallen ill.

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