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Vendor DCW Pedals - TGP Thanksgiving Pedal Giveaway 2020!


Silver Supporting Member
ODR MOD Deluxe looks awesome!

Thankful for: Still having a job in an industry where a ton of of people have been laid off (and still are) due to COVID19, and can do it from home. Having my health. Having my wife and her health. Having a hobby that keeps me entertained inside (yay guitars/pedals).

I hope to say in the future that I'm thankful for my state taking COVID seriously.. but I do live in Florida, so unlikely.

Thankful for your contest as well!


I am thankful that I have a job and good family and friends. Also thankful for my DCW Exoplex Boost/Preamp that I won in the Halloween give away! It sounds gorgeous!!! Looks gorgeous as well. Thanks Dustin for an awesome pedal!!!!


Hey, I'd love to have a Mrs Marsha!
On my personal life I'm grateful for my significant other support and inconditional love, and in other parts of life, for all the true compassionate people that give some of their time to volunteer and help others in need. And also for the people that make beers! Cheers to everyone!


Silver Supporting Member
Woodsman deluxe

Im thankful that through all of this craziness, I do not personally know anybody who has become really ill or died.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends from way up here in Canada.


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Very cool!

Zaz Drive Deluxe would be my pedal of choice.

And I’m thankful for so much but I’m going to go with my health this year....lot of people haven’t been so lucky and it really puts things into perspective.

Ole Tin Ear

Hands of Time Chaos
Seems to fit the current state of being.

My gratitude and thanks go to those folks putting it all on the line every day in the medical and military communities. We are all blessed to have such dedicated souls protecting us. Thanks again...


Silver Supporting Member
Miss Marsha sounds badass, I’d love to give it a go!

As always, I’m thankful for my dog. Happy Thanksgiving Dustin!


Silver Supporting Member
Hands of Time Duo - I'll set it to take us safely into the middle of 2021.

I'm grateful those things that failed to ruin or end my life didn't happen - there are a number of specific places in the past where it could have gone very differently. Prison, paralysis, death, blindness - all could have claimed me if things had been slightly different. Plenty of things that did happen messed things up pretty well, but it could have been lots worse. I'm now doing well overall, and have a caring and loyal wife who's still there with me. I'm optimistic I can get through this pandemic unscathed as well. So far I've been hard to kill. Just visited one of my ICU colleagues who's now a patient in his own ICU - he seems to be recovering well, thank goodness.

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