DD-20 acting screwy


Just wanted to see if anyone had this happen before...DD-20 has been on my board for a long time with no problems. My board had been unchanged for quite a while (2+ years), with the DD-20 near the end, and pedals all powered by a Voodoo Labs power brick (except for a Line 6 M5 which had a dedicated power supply straight to the outlet through a power strip). All into an AC30.

Recently I changed the board a bit, didn't add any new pedals that would draw additional power from the power brick (added a Strymon Big Sky, but I powered that individually using its dedicated power supply straight to the power strip like the M5). Changed a Fulldrive II non-Mosfet over to a Mosfet edition. Otherwise, rerouted a couple of connecting cables. That was it.

Following the switch, I was playing out and the DD-20 started acting screwy. At first I thought it was the Fulldrive (my main OD, almost always on); when I would switch on the Fulldrive, or especially, switch on the Fulldrive's boost, the signal would get static-y and almost cut out. Sometimes it would come back up to full volume, sometimes would not.

I began the process of taking each item/cord out of the chain individually, from the beginning. Finally when I removed the DD-20 no more static, no more cutting out, no more volume drop after 20-30 minutes of playing. Tested the DD-20 on its own, direct from guitar to DD-20 to amp, and it was fine. I patched the DD-20 back into the board progression except ran its own dedicated power supply straight to outlet rather than through the power brick. To date (hour or so of testing), no problems.

I just don't want to show up at a gig and have it happen again. If (as I suspect), I was borderline underpowering the DD-20 from the power brick, would it make the DD-20 do this? Especially when getting hit with a new burst of hotter signal, from an OD or boost? I guess I haven't ever, to my knowledge, underpowered a pedal like that, so I don't have any experience. I am hoping that running its own power supply, like the Big Sky and M5, will take care of it/has taken care of it.


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My first guess is that it's underpowered, as you said. You didn't say which model of VL power supply that you're using but if it's one of the really old ones (which had a max of 100ma per output), those would be the classic symptoms. I was in the same boat with my DD-20 and upgraded to a PP2+ and it fixed everything. Oh, and if it is a newer one, check to make sure the dip switches are switched to the position for pedals that need more power.

Doesn't sound like anything went south until you switched out some pedals which would stand to reason that one of your new ones may be eating more power than you thought.

Good luck!

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