DD-500 - Phaser Related Question


I've asked this before, I think, but figured I'd try again. I have a DD-500 and began setting up some modulated sounds in there like Flange, Chorus, Trem, using some of the tips in this forum. They're decent enough for what I would use them for, and frees up a bunch of space on my board. However, I'm having trouble with the Phaser setting in SFX mode. The phaser was added in a recent update, so there's no info on it in my manual. I really want to get this as close to a Phase 90 as I can. Doesn't need to be exact, but a starting point would be helpful. Any tips are appreciated.
There’s a downloadable PDF manual that covers the V2 firmware changes. It has this info:


Phaser is applie to the effect sound.

RATE Adjusts the speed of rotation.
DEPTH Adjusts the depth of the rotation effect.
RESONANCE Adjusts the amount of resonance (the amount of feedback).
MANUAL Adjusts the center frequency at which the rotation effect is applied.”

A Phase 90 has only a RATE control and AFAIK doesn’t use feedback. I’d try turning RESONANCE right down, DEPTH between 10% and 30%, then try adjusting MANUAL to get the frequency response that works for you.

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