de Lisle 15P Studio Amplifier


I'm STILL in the finishing process of my Brian May Red Special Tele Tribute (finishing project from hell). This guitar is meant to be a '69 Tele Thinline but loaded with accurate depictions of Dr. May's electronics. But that's another thread.

Anyway, in my way of thinking, it would make sense to try to get an amp that would be a good marriage for my RS Tele tribute in order to close in on Brian's tone. Technique is important in trying to get into the area of a guitar player's sound, or so they say. Equipment is important, too.

I had an amp project going. It was being modded/built by a master who lives abroad but that is on hold for the time being. I decided to go a different route for now. Here's what came to mind.

de Lisle 15P Studio head.

• 15 Watts
• Single Input
• Boost Switch
• Bass
• Contour
• Treble
• 12AX7 Gain
• EF86 Gain
• EF86 Pentode-Triode Switch
• Reverb
• Presence
• Feedback Switch
• Master Volume
• Power / Standby Switch
• 12AX7 (1)
• EF86 (1)
• 12DW7 (2)
• EL84 (2)
• Cathode Bias
• 8 and 16 Ohm Taps
• American Made Transformers
• Hand-Wired, Turret Board Construction
• Star Grounding
• Shielded Input/Grid Wiring
• Silver Plated Copper / TFE Teflon Wire
• Aluminum Chassis
• Dimensions: 20 (W) X 8.75 (H) X 7.75 (D), 19 lbs.
• Choice of Tolex Covering
• Tube Rectifier Sag Emulation
• DC Heater Supply
• Tube Driven Reverb
• Tube Buffered Series / Parallel FX Loop
• Send Level, Mix / Phase Controls
• Xformer Isolated XLR Out w/ Ground Lift
• Lineout
• Lineout / XLR Voltage Switch
• Lineout / XLR Level Control
• Headphone / Attenuated Ouput Jack
• Choice of Tolex
• Made in the USA

I have a few speaker cab options for this head. I have:

1X15 Fender 8 Ohm bass cab
2X12 Emince cab
4X10 Weber cab
4X12 Music Man cab

I bought the head this morning and I'll get some demos as soon as I can.

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