Sold Dead Tree Custom Acoustic Guitar Figured Lutz Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood +sound clip

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Hey All,

Thank you for stopping by! Here is a custom made OM by Dead Tree Guitars .The guitar has a beautiful Brazilian rosewood back and a master grade figured Lutz spruce top. The Brazilian rosewood was bought from a person who has had it seasoning in his barn since the 60`s. The fingerboard, bridge, headstock overlays, end wedge and bindings are all Brazilian rosewood from my 60`s Brazilian barn find. The purflings are mitered and made up of a custom black/highly figured Hawaiian Koa/black. The neck center lamination and headstock overlay veneers are also made up of a black/highly figured Hawaiian Koa/black to maintain continuity of the overall aesthetic of this guitar. Even the headstock overlay and fingerboard has curly Hawaiian koa purfling. The koa flashes wonderfully in certain lighting giving that nice golden koa shimmer. The nut width is 1 3/4" wide and the string spacing at the bridge is 2 ¼”. The scale length is a 25.5" scale length. The body features a Manzer Wedged design for even more added comfort. A Manzer wedge is when the treble side of the body is thinner and the the bass side of the body is deeper so you don't lose body volume. This makes it easier to reach over the guitar without losing body volume. Another special feature of the guitar is in the sides. The sides are made out of carbon fiber. Now the sides for acoustic guitars are acoustically dead; they do not contribute to the sound. However, they can take away from the tone of the instrument and cause structural issues. They can take away from the vibration of the top and back by flexing as the top and back are in motion. As the top moves down the back will flex out due to the pressure created within the body from the strings. As the top flexes downward the sides will want to flex outward to accommodate the motion of the top as well as the increased pressure. If the sides flex outward with the added pressure then the overall body pressure is decreased due to the increased volume from the sides flexing thus taking some of the pressure from the back causing less movement of back as well as the top. My sides will not flex under these pressures. They are so stiff that they can withstand most of if not all of the string tension all by themselves. Traditional sides without the top and back glued on them are incredibly weak. They take almost zero effort to flex. My sides take an enormous amount of effort to flex even the slightest amount.

This guitar sounds wonderful. The Brazilian rosewood gives nice lush deep bass tones and very piano like sweet treble tones. Playing this guitar will remind you why Brazilian rosewood is so sought after. The overtones are plentiful but not overbearing allowing for some very sweet lead tones as well. This guitar is loud and very responsive. I am sure whoever ends up with this gem will certainly be very happy with its tone.

The price of this guitar is $3,500 OBO. The guitar set up to a pretty standard spec and comes with an Ameritage silver series case. If you buy the guitar, I will set up the guitar however you would like. If you have a pick up that you would like to have installed in the guitar, I will do that for free. I also offer a 72 hour play in period. If you don't like it you can send it back for a refund minus shipping costs (this only applies for those who do not have a pick up installed). If this guitar is not exactly what you want but would like something else, I build custom acoustic and electric guitars. Please stop by my website to see some more examples of my work. BTW, I out of Cleveland, Ohio so if you would like to see the guitar in person, that can be arranged. I prefer, paypal, cash, or check as payment. I willing to ship any where in the USA, but buyer pays shipping.

The total price if you were to order this instrument to be made would $4,530. On top of this price, you will have to wait about a year because my current waitlist is about that long. Also with this guitar there is no risk because you get the chance to play the guitar and decided within a 72 hour window whether or not you want it. All of this for a price of $3500

Base price---------------------------------------------------- $2500
bound fretboard and headstock w/ curly koa purfling----- $ 150
Upgraded Brazilian Rosewood Binding---------------------- $ 250
Upgraded custom Curly koa purfling------------------------ $ 100
Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge---------------- $ 300
Upgraded Back-Brazilian Rosewood------------------------- $ 750
*Note* the Brazilian back upgrade is a very low price by market standards
Manzer Wedge Body------------------------------------------ $ 150
Upgraded Ameritage Silver Series "OM" case--------------- $ 330

I assure you, this guitar sounds much better than the clip.

Thank you,
Rob Fraelich

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