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Decals for DIY pedals



Does anyone have any tips for where I can get decals or prints for the boring DIY pedals? I'm not sure what this is called but what I want is some sort of lettering or very basic images to colour/tag my pedals.



water slides, you print on them, soak them in water, then place them on the pedal.

there's a great FAQ over at diystompboxes.com that can atleast point you in the right direction.


Gold Supporting Member
What are you printing it out on? Laser? Inkjet?

My current solution is using an Epson inkjet (uses SIX ink cartridges) with Avery full-page (8.5" x 11") clear labels. I always paint my pedal enclosures white since the labels are transparent and makes the ink stand out much better. Also, regular off-the-shelf printers don't print 'white', so having a white background on the pedal to start with solves that.
I usually drill holes in my case, paint it white, then scan the face of the enclosure. I take the enclosure scan into Adobe Illustrator, design the graphics (allowing space for knobs, footswitch, LED), then print the graphics out onto the clear label sheet. Since the sheets are large (and not cheap), I usually do 2-3 pedals worth of graphics per sheet. I let the sheet dry thoroughly and then cut.

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