Decibel 11 switch doctor or similar?


I'm looking to upgrade my switching ability. Currently I run 2 overdrives, a boost, a timeline, big sky, and a panther cub delay.

I run everything into a true bypass looper right now, but all that does is turn everything on and off. I'm looking for the ability of using the timeline and big sky with midi, and possibly creating presets with combinations of pedals.

The switch doctor is appealing because of the price, but I'm super new to anything midi/presets, so I'm looking for advice or opinions. I know almost nothing about midi, so the learning curve of pedals is definitely something I'd take into consideration


I was in a similar situation as you not too long ago. I don't have Strymons so I can't comment on those but I wanted to control 2 H9's plus a few others. I ended up settling on the switch doctor. I really like it. The midi implementation is really easy, and I'm a complete newbie to midi control. I'm still learning it since I've only had it a couple of months but so far it does what I need it to. One thing I wish that it had is the ability to switch pedal order according to preset. Their other switcher does this, the pedal palette, but it doesn't have the midi control. I also haven't figured out how to change the buttons to midi assignable function controls like tap tempo for delay or a momentary feedback. I don't know if its possible. Before this I tried the disaster area DMC 3XL with a loop switcher on the side. Too much dancing for me and I don't like scrolling for presets. With the switch doctor you have 4 presets right in front of you at all times, plus you can scroll to a new four. The other Disaster Area products do some of this as well, but I like the screen telling me exactly which preset I'm on. For the money, I really think this is the best controller you can get. I have a few tiny things I wish it had, but they are not deal breakers. My last gripe with it is the looks. I wish you had more options than just the black/purple thing. I know it doesn't matter that much in a band, but it could look so much better in other colors.


I would check out the Musicom Lab EFX Lite 6M does everything you need in a small package and at a reasonable price. They have a computer editor for the 6M that you can use to set up the midi and create your presets if you want. You can create presets without the computer editor but need it if you want the midi to do specific things. Musicom switchers are extrememly high quality as well, I use the Musicom lab EFX mkIV and love it.... planning on grabbing a 6M soon for my small board since it is basically a smaller mkIV switcher. The 6M is also smaller than the switch dr and has more true bypass loops. The 6M costs about $20 more than the switch dr.

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