Deep Blue Delay vs TC Nova Delay


So I picked up a used Deep Blue Delay recently (cuz I've read really good things about it) But here's my dilemma...I probably can't keep it unless I sell my Nova Delay. I've had the Nova for a long time (it was my 2nd pedal I ever bought) and it's been kind of my go-to delay pedal. Here's what it all boils down to:

-GREAT tone
-simple design
-small footprint
-GREAT tone ;)

-Decent tone
-9 presets
-tap tempo
-BPM display
-larger footprint
-requires it's own power supply

Now, all the gimmicks and gadgets are kind of pointless if I'm sacrificing tone in the long run. BUT, presets, tap tempo, and a BPM display are all very useful.
And here's the kicker...the Nova is usually on my small board which consists of a tuner, TS9, and Nova Delay. My big board has more pedals on it...including an M9. Which obviously also has presets, tap tempo, and a BPM display (it's smaller, but it's still there). So even if I did get rid of the Nova, I would still have the M9 to cover those specific needs that I have.

Any thoughts???

**edit: the DBD is the handwired version and not the new PCB version in case anyone was wondering**


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I'm of two minds about the DBD. I AB'd one with a bunch of delays a couple of years back and it sounded great. It was one of the better delays I've played for staying out of the way of the notes you're playing (many repeats don't swamp the new notes). That said, it is a nicely implemented PT2399 digital delay, something that's been well documented by the DIY community. I was really disappointed to realize it's digital because it means the only magic is in the analog processing that Bjorn has included before and after the chip. So... Nowadays I'd probably get a PT2399 based delay from BYOC or GGG, build that and AB it with the DBD. If I got the sound I wanted from my build, I'd keep that (MUCH cheaper), if the DBD is still magic, then deep six the Nova and don't look back.


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I am always amazed at how I tweak my rig and all of sudden something works better and I am left wondering... why didn't I do this before.

I built the BYOC delay with 600ms delay and it plays so well in the background and is rich sounding (a little bit of hiss but very little compared to my amp). I also tried the flashback and could not bond maybe because I am not use to hearing the digital nature... but I think its close and with some software tweaks could be a winner for me.

The question I think is, do you use delay as a sometimes background thing or are you always changing presets, tempo etc. If usage is more simple like me, the DBD or BYOC is probably the choice... if not, then you need something with presets; like the nova or something else.

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