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Delay for Recto parallel loop


i have a H9 and I cannot get my H9 to play well with the Dual Rectifier parallel loop.

In 4CM I get phasing.

Into the FX only and I can dial in a wet mix which works but then reverb sucks. Basically I can't then use the tuner and many tones don't sound that great.

I've decided to just run the H9 into the front which works great...for everything apart from delay which I use for distorted leads.

So...after all that is there a delay that works happily with the Recto loop?

I like more pristine delays like digital (hate modulated delays and lo fi stuff) but being digital may limit me; if they can kill dry they will work.

I've had a TC Delay and it was ok but I don't know how it'll handle a parallel loop.

I don't want to spend much as it's just a simple delay pedal setup.

Is there a decent analog delay that is affordable and would do a good job? I've read the Recto loop was designed for analog gear where you don't get latency and phasing.

I'd also like to buy SH to it would need to be fairly common and affordable and not suck tone like some pedals.

Thanks for any input!


Had exactly the same issue.. I got around mine with a cheap passive mixer in the loop. Beats the other option of running the loop 100% wet and using the fx mix.


I wonder if a Carbon Copy or another affordable analogue delay would work?

I'm not sure how 'clean' the repeats are on a CC though.


The Vox Time Machine has a 'wet only' output. That's why I kept mine, and it's user friendly and cheap
Not sure how it'd go in a recto loop though


Convert your parallel loop to series, there's a how to somewhere on the Mesa boogie forum, I found it awhile back in a google search, from what I remember, it's a pretty simple mod, I think you just have move a few wires around on Dpdt switch.

Jack DeVille

I ran into the same headache with my triple rec. I love that amp, but I'm not keen on the parallel effects loop.
I put in a simple "Kill Dry" switch.
It is quite literally a dry lift toggle allowing the loop to function as initially designed or as a series loop.
Schematics are available online and it it's a quick little job.

As a cat who really likes his parallel loop rectifier but doesn't like the parallel loop, it was a simple and effective solution. Any competent tech should be able to knock this mod out for you quickly and easily.

Hope this post is found useful and relevant.


Silver Supporting Member
The loop mod is simple and reversible. You literally lift one wire from one jack in the DD loop to convert to series. Do a search online it fixed that issue on my old dual rec.

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