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I am in search of a delay with modulation. I use it for ambient, spacey textures and stuff, that's it. No slap back or anything like that.

Right now I am looking at a subdecay echo box, jack deville dark echo, and wampler fauz tape echo.

My amp is a Fargen MiniPlex I set on edge of break up tones. Guitars are a strat and rick 330.

I need more clarity than typical analog but not the dirty hiss of analog.

Any thoughts?

Here is what I have used and my comments:

Memory Man: Awesome tone, but I don't like the hiss and noise you get with them. Also need to free up a jack on my voodoo labs pedal power.

Boss DD20: No thanks, not for me

Carbon Copy: Nice sound but modulation isn't easily accessible and sounded too subtle

Disaster Transport: A clinky, tinny tone, although the one I Had was maybe 10 years ago

Ekko 616: Too much clock noise, modulation wasn't quite right to me

Gen5 Echo:Liked it a lot, but a little metallic

El Capistan: Great tone, but I think it had too many features I would never use and I can't decide if I like the wow and flutter as opposed to chorus/vibrato

TC Nova: Too digital and didn't play nice with my setup


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Give the Flashback a try. Really versatile delay and a small footprint.

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