Delay pedal in the Rent song "One Song, Glory"


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Hi Guys.

I am looking for a pedal to do the guitar sound from the song "one song, glory" from the Rent musical. It is some kind if delay, but my Replica won't really capture it.

Any suggestions?

I couldn't really find any good youtube recordings, so I hope some of you guys have the song.



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I did some of the national tour about 10 or so years ago.
I had a Line6 DL4 which was a noisy piece of junk, my trusty Roland SDE1000 in a rack, and an old Ibanez delay. Keeping the volume of the repeats high and a longer feedback helps. Its a dotted 1/8th kind of feel.
Also the pick attack has to have an "Edge" approach. Not just relying solely on the delay to do the work.
An old Roland Space echo would nail that, I bet one of thenew pedals could. The Line 6 had it basically ready made, but was to unreliable, so I scrapped it.
The other guitarist at the time I think was using a Deluxe Mem Man, which was noisy too, I just never liked that delay.
Any delay that can do dotted 1/8ths should make it easier.
Another trick is to find a quick 125 to 150 ms or so slap back and crank the repeats.
Your mileage may vary.
Great song!
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I 've done that show also up here in Toronto. Great music. Check out the DVD also, they did a great job on that.
Anyway not too much mystery about that tone me thinks. I just had a dedicated Boss delay preset for that specific delay time( 250 ms. I think) with 4 repeats, delay level fairly close to the input level...strike each note in the phrase just once and let the delay do the work. That should get it done.

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