Delay pedals with great sounding feedback/oscillation?


Here's your daily pedal suggestion thread.

I've hated the sound of my Carbon Copy (specifically, for the music my group makes) for a long time now. I feel like I hear this pedal everywhere I go, which would make sense considering how long it's been around and how popular it is. It's time to look for something different.

I've been out of the loop for a while, so perhaps someone more "in the know" could suggest some delay pedals that have nice, interesting, and or unique-sounding feedback/oscillation.

No DMMs or Boss, please.

Bonus points if they double as a reverb.

pup tentacle

Meet Maude
EAR 4096 II

The best 2 I've heard, in terms of oscillation. The EAR gives you the ability to control an endless pad of oscillation at whatever volume you like. A more "normal delay" with nice oscillation and gritty decay, is the Maxon 999. It's also the most reverb-like delay I've heard.


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Toneczar Echoczar can get crazy oscillation but has controls to reign in (feedback/safety)

Suhr Discovery is great too


Another vote for Meet Maude. The compressor circuit allows for a cool ducking effect- when input signal is low the oscillation will go on in a controlled way, never getting too loud. If you hit it with a hot signal it will momentarily duck down until the input is low again which is a unique interactive dynamic. Instead of expression control you can use that port as an insert loop and add whatever effects you want.

The ADG-1 also has more controlled oscillation for an analog delay, and also has expression control and an insert loop. With the SE version you get 1.3 seconds of delay which takes you into sound on sound territory.

Finally the BED has a sweet spot with infinite repeats that get more and more harmonically charged as they pass thru the silicon record and playback amps.

Alan Wolf

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Yet another Meet Maude fan. I bought it thinking I would mainly use the mods and side chain features, but it holds it place due to the ambient wash that is so easy to dial in. It does change my base tone, but I like the way it does it, and more importantly, the repeats meld with the notes in a lovely way.

After I got it I realized that I really only needed 2 basic delay sounds (that could be adjusted for slapback, etc.) and exchanged my Nemesis, which had many good sounds, for a Future Factory, which is far more basic, but can be pristine.


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I like the El Cap with an expression pedal to control the Mix knob.

It works really well to set the amount of delay smoothly from nothing to light to heavier to ringing chaos.

Holding the Tap button is ok, but less controllable …and it sounds different and shuts off abruptly when you release the button.

-bEn r.


Zoom MS70 Multistomp: some delays (especially analog and tape emulations) have very cool feedback runaways. And you have also a lot of reverbs available on tap!

I personally love the feedback on the DBucket engine of the Strymon Timeline (which is basically the same as the Brigadier, only without the very long delay setting, just short and medium), I love how the feedback gets crunchy and distorted. On TImeline you can fake a delay into a reverb by using the Dual engine (set for series mode).

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