Delay trails, midi and frustration!


Hello TGP, i am a new member but have used this site so many times when others have had similar issues with their guitar gear and FX, except for THIS instance.

In short, my problem is using midi to change presets on an eventide Time factor, and the fact that the 'trails' or the continuing wet signal does not continue when the effect has been bypassed through MIDI.

i will copy the email i sent to Decibel eleven:
Hi Decibel eleven.

today i replaced my midi switcher for the DB Switch Dr. I am having the same problems with both devices when it comes to switching between presets with midi with delay FX.

I own an eventide timefactor and line 6 m5, both of which i use midi to change between presets. My issue is the TRAILS from the delay and reverb not continuing when the TF is in bypassed.

The TF is configured in DSP bypass mode, and when the TF is bypassed on the system itself the delays DO ring out as it is pressed.

I have bounced down and attached to this email two tracks somewhat demonstrating my problem.

"DB midi Test" starts off with a preset on the switch DR which is clean, i then engage another preset with a noticeable delay. Whilst the delay rings out i switch it back to the dry signal, and the trails have completely been taken with it! this is then repeated.

Accessed Here:

"EventideByp" shows a similar pattern but i am bypassing the delay using the eventide system. showing how the trails DO ring out!

Accessed Here:

If i am completely mad and its a simple answer like 'midi will not allow delay trails to ring through' then may i ask another way around this? The eventide has an AUX stereo output, and i use this occasionally as a quick way to bypass the system rather than using my previous midi device for this reason!

Would it be possible to use the switch Dr's 2 switches for amp channel switching to put the eventide into bypass mode? although still not ideal it would really be much better!!

Apologies for the long email!


Any midi efficianados able to shed any light on this issue would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks again guys,


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